Web Development : The Art Of Crafting Your Online Presence

Your website is your business identity rather than just a virtual address. If you properly craft your website, your business will exponentially grow. This article will educate you about important parameters you must ensure before choosing a web development partner for your long-term relationship.

Evaluating web development from a
customer's perspective

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Your business is unique, and so should your website. Finding a trusted partner who can understand your brand and accurately translate your vision into reality by carefully crafting your digital presence would be best.

Whatever web development partner you choose, they must focus on mobile-first design across all devices and load at lightning speed on each one. An expert web design and development company constantly optimizes for all devices.

The real work starts after the website is developed and hosted on the server. The web development company must optimize your entire website for search engines like Google and Bing. Having a good-looking website that nobody sees in search engines for your business's services is meaningless.

Remember to freeze the terms of services and charges for each service offered by the web development company. Create an official contract between your business and the service provider. This contract will often be the holy grail during the contract tenure. In technical terms, it is sometimes called a Statement of Work.

What if someone hacks into your server and takes complete control of it? Or the web server crashes due to a critical issue. When these incidents occur, your maintenance and support contract comes to your rescue; therefore, you must create a contract to prevent and protect your business from such incidents. There are specific ways you can opt for:
  • Create a legal contract for regular maintenance and support between your business and the service provider until your website is operational.
  • Create a legal contract for the service provider to maintain and support the website for one year. Then, they will transfer the knowledge and train your internal team before the service provider ends the contract.

Why hire a company for web development?


Professional Touch

Just like you wouldn't want an amateur to design your business cards, you wouldn't want anything less than a professional crafting your online presence.



When speed matters, you need a dedicated team to develop your site faster than an individual and ensure your business goes online as soon as possible.


Access to Multiple Skills

When you need options to choose from, versatility matters most. A web development company has a very versatile team of designers, developers, and SEO specialists who can collectively bring more value than any individual.

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At Smiaansh Technologies, we transform visions into digital realities. Our mature team excels at creating interactive, user-friendly, business-ready websites that stand out online.

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In a nutshell, the digital realm waits for no one. It's evolving and growing, and so should your online presence.

Entrust your web development needs with the best in the business.

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